* Los Angeles Review of Books blog // Interview with Kate Christensen

August 8, 2018

There Was No Up or Down: A Conversation with Kate Christensen I had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Christensen about her new novel The Last Cruise. It ran in the LA Review of Books blog on 8/8/18. Here’s a taste: What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on? If happy vacations are all alike, maybe […]

* The Paris Review // Interview with Laura van den Berg

July 24, 2018

My interview with Laura van den Berg ran at The Paris Review Daily on July 24, 2018. Here’s an excerpt: INTERVIEWER Your book contains a fictional zombie film. What will be your own strategy for surviving the inevitable zombie uprising? VAN DEN BERG Zombies have nothing to lose, which makes them formidable adversaries. Destruction is […]