* The Paris Review // Interview with Laura van den Berg

My interview with Laura van den Berg ran at The Paris Review Daily on July 24, 2018. Here’s an excerpt:


Your book contains a fictional zombie film. What will be your own strategy for surviving the inevitable zombie uprising?


Zombies have nothing to lose, which makes them formidable adversaries. Destruction is their only plan. Ideally I’d come across an eccentric with a secure underground bunker where we could ride out the disaster with Netflix and tinned fish. Otherwise, I would plan to stay away from other people, find myself a baseball bat, and keep moving at night. I’ve been boxing for the last eight months, which is not all that useful for self-defense—you don’t want to get too close! But it means I have decent physical stamina, which would be helpful if these are the kinds of zombies that please the zombie purists—i.e., the lurching kind. Though zombies are like death itself—you can only outrun them for so long.