Brooklyn Rail // Interview with Mark Haber

March 9, 2022 “For me personally, literature makes the world more bearable and less uncertain. It may be a reliance, as you say, but I often think it’s a healthy reliance. Having literature, music and art to escape is a solace for so many people. It shouldn’t be at the expense of your community or the people […]

Brooklyn Rail // Down Away from the Sun You’ll Burrow: A Conversation with Lawrence Schick

May 5, 2020

I spoke with Lawrence Schick (aka Lawrence Ellsworth) about working for Gary Gygax in the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, writing one of that game’s most famous adventures, world building, writing for video games, and, now, translating several million words of Dumas. “My first writing job was working for Gary Gygax on material for Dungeons […]

Untoward Magazine // Dead Center of My Heart: A Conversation with Amber Sparks

January 31, 2020

My interview with Amber Sparks, about her new story collection And I Do Not Forgive You, is up at Untoward. Please give it a read. “I started writing these pieces, my revenges, I called them, and they only existed for me to pour all of myself and my sorrow and all my other useless feelings […]