French translation on Gallimard / Ed. Loëlle Losfeld

81GNUvYMMuL._SL1500_L’incendie de la maison de George Orwell

The publication date for the French edition of Burning Down George Orwell’s House will be 14 January 2016. Marc Weitzmann translated it for Editions Joëlle Losfeld, an imprint of Gallimard.

The first review appeared on 8 Jan. in Livres Hebdo, where Jean-Claude Perrier wrote:

“We’ll let Andrew Ervin tell his reader how this sordid tale ends in this, his first novel; a novel that is cerebral, complex, and somber enough despite the occasional ray of sunshine and despite its happy ending, a novel which could pass as a parable about the ill-being of the White Western Male. And it is all related not without humor, and greatly reinforced with whisky, that elixir of gods: golden, peaty, violent and bewitching all at the same time. Just like this book. But [this book] can be enjoyed without moderation.”