Hobart // “Experts” Predict the 2013 MLB Season

Here’s my contribution to Hobart‘s annual baseball issue, in which writers predict what the new baseball season will bring:

Tradition dictates that I predict the Phillies to win the World Series and who am I to argue? That’s exactly what makes baseball great: the eternal return of hope, every spring, that this will be the season we win it all. Between now and the parade down Broad Street I will spend many hours on my front porch, in the dark, listening to an AM radio that has a short in it and no antenna. The static is as important to my summer as the fireflies. The Phillies will win it all, even if whatever that might mean changes between now and October.

Update 4/9/13: So far, this isn’t really working out. The Phils have started the season 2-5 and Roy Halladay looks like he’s really struggling. I’m hopeful, though, that things will turn around.