Tayari Jones has chosen me as one of her “Amazing Eight”

I’m extremely honored & flattered & humbled to be included among the “Amazing Eight,” part of a series about debut books that Tayari Jones is doing on her blog. That’s just so cool.

In addition to being incredibly good-looking, what do these eight writers have in common? Well, for one thing, they are all members of this blog community. But the real thing, the news, the thing that calls for champagne is that¬†all of them are publishing their first books!¬†(You may notice that one of the Amazing Eight is pictured twice. That’s because Dwayne Betts is publishing TWO first books this year, with his bad self.)

Over the next few weeks, each of these amazing first-timers will be featured on the blog. I’ll post a little about their books and they will each share something about writing and the writing life.