More on Chicago Noir

The terrific blog Pete Lit has to say about Chicago Noir and my story “All Happy Families.”

Chicago Noir is a highly readable story collection which offers numerous fresh, inventive takes on the well-worn noir genre. While there’s still plenty of moral ambiguities, cliffhanger plot twists and sudden acts of senseless violence for devoted noir fans, the writers here come up with some interesting new angles.


Andrew Ervin’s “All Happy Families” confounds expectations by not having a single character die; Ervin’s narrative deftly interweaves three threads: a nearly-botched bank holdup and subsequent train ride back to Chicago (with a nifty shout-out to Joliet!); the robber’s obsession with the Chicago Cubs, whose game he’s hoping to attend that evening if the cops don’t pick him up first; and some backstory as to how an intelligent literature major ever starting robbing banks.