Huffington Post – “25 Outstanding Book Covers of 2010”

I’m flattered to report that Huffington Post included Extraordinary Renditions among the “25 Outstanding Book Covers of 2010.” Linda Koutsky and everyone at Coffee House Press did an amazing job.

Here’s what I had to say about the cover:

Extraordinary Renditions is in large part about political transition and the repetition of history, so I love having three different eras represented on the cover. There’s a classic, old-world building, a communist-era automobile, and then some current, America-style graffiti. Those seemingly disparate elements work beautifully together. The book is made up of three distinct novellas, so I even like that there are three windows on that building. I found the image myself on a photography web site and was thrilled that Coffee House’s designer Linda Koutsky liked it too and was willing to work with it. She did an amazing job, clearly. And of course I’ve always adored those old Trabants, which sound like lawn mowers. They were all over Budapest when I lived there (1994-99) but nowadays seem relegated to the countryside.