Extraordinary Renditions published today

Well the book is officially out. Here are some early reviews…

“To read Andrew Ervin’s new book is to know why independent small-press publishing just may hold the ticket to our future in literary fiction. Ervin skillfully converges three lives in three stories by intertwining beautiful, minor details that bring separations into an exquisite whole. “
“With dexterous sensibility and fluid prose, Ervin’s protagonists find liberation from the onerous strictures of Budapest’s Nazi and Communist past.”
Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)
“Ervin’s prose style seems to fit his protagonists, becoming more elegant for Harkályi, angrier and more combative for Gibson, and more diffident for Scholes until the climax, as the theme of “Strange Fruit” grows stronger. A thoughtprovoking exploration of tyranny, freedom, and the power of music.”
“Ervin writes with fluidity and authenticity about a place in which he himself lived for several years in the late 1990s … the range and intensity of this book provide a welcome reminder that the world is a vast and complicated place, especially for those willing to explore its edges.”
“Andrew Ervin has used this factual history to compose his own triptych-like storypiece, one that reveals true historical details from Budapest, the military (both then and now), and the structure of orchestras and music. … The stories have a synchronicity to them because of their themes, and while the characters seek resolution, their path is never clear cut. … I really enjoyed the historical details of this novel.”