“The Swedish Mirror” in Mythtym (PictureBox Books)

A couple days ago I got my contributor copies of Mythtym, an amazing anthology edited by the ever-so-awesome Trinie Dalton. It’s a collection of the zines she has put together over the past few years. I have a short story titled “The Swedish Mirror” in there. Were you so inclined, you could score a copy here.

Interview magazine did a nice little write-up of the book:

The bulk of the book is an original entry, “Mirror Horror,” of which the centerpiece is Dalton’s essay about a collection of film stills in which women gaze in a mirror before they are killed. Therein she links Snow White to 15th-century witchcraft, discussing the mirror as both “the bane of feminine existence … where self-criticism and loathing fester” and also something mutable and empowering.

There’s a good preview of Mythtym here.