Interview at The Rumpus

June 22, 2015

Over at The Rumpus, James Tate Hill asked me a few tough questions. Here’s an excerpt: On a basic level, living without power for a few days helped rid me of any romantic notions about the serenity of life off the grid. It definitely made me reconsider some of my own first-world assumptions. The idea […]

Interview at the Brooklyn Rail

June 3, 2015

Owen King interviewed me for the Brooklyn Rail. Here’s an excerpt: Rail: Late in the novel, Ray has the misfortune to find himself dragged into a werewolf hunt. How do you feel about werewolf hunting? Is it wrong? Ervin: On one hand, it’s very important to maintain these traditions while we can, right? There are certainly […]

Tin House // Snakes Whose Skins Refuse to be Shed: An Interview with Jeff Jackson

August 19, 2013

My interview with Jeff Jackson ran on Tin House’s web site on 8/19/13. New debut novel Mira Corpora is absolutely terrific. “It’s difficult to say what I might be up to,” the narrator of Jeff Jackson’s debut novel Mira Corpora tells us. His name is also Jeff Jackson. “These days I’m on a need-to-know basis with myself.” […]